my tourmendous 10th year!

I’m back with more! this year I’m 10 and I want to try new things now! so I’m going to be awesome and do new stuff so I can have a good year! so that’s all I have for today see you soon!.

nates last day:c

last day of school! and at the end of the day I’m going to see a movie! my favorite things I’ve done one of them are playing plushes with greyson and in summer i will have sleepovers with him. he is my best friend. well thats it hope to see you in august

My trip to Discovery place

I really liked going to the Discovery place this week. I watched a few science shows. My favorite was one about explosions. They blew up balloons with fire it was awesome. They called the stick that made the fire the boomstick.

We went downstairs and the guy got a box of liquid nitrogen and threw it downstairs and it was like we got to walk in a cloud!

I wanted to watch Power Rangers Super Samurai and I did. Charlotte texted my mom to get my netflix password. Yesterday I played at the park.

A really good day

I had a really good day today. I went to the change up meeting. I danced at the talent show. Ayan gave me a Crazy Bone. It is anĀ orange see through pair of Scissors with eyes in the thumbholes. It is part of the “Things” family of Crazy Bones.